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Specific Air Service Energetic service at an individual's service be of service civil service Examination Neighborhood service courting service

Another astounding career completed by Sophisticated crew. Pressure washed and sealed our pavers incredibly Skilled . Will use and suggest them to all ! Many thanks…

Associates and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the various States which may be bundled inside of this Union, according to their respective Figures, which shall be based on incorporating to The entire range of free of charge Folks, like those certain to Service for a Time period of Many years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other People.

Typically services. the general performance of any obligations or work for another; useful or Skilled action: health care services.

The duration of service, should, therefore, in all this kind of circumstances, to bear some proportion for the extent of functional know-how requisite into the thanks general performance of the service.

to do sth/sb a service you may have accomplished me an excellent service → me ha hecho un gran favor, me ha sido de Considerablyísima ayuda

a. The serving of foodstuff or maybe the manner through which it can be served: The service was good, nevertheless the foodstuff was awful.

I need to complain regarding the service → أُريدُ أَنْ أُقَدِّمُ شَكْوى بِشَأْنِ الـخِدْمَةِ → Chci podat stížnost ohledně téhle služby → Jeg vil gerne klage above betjeningen → Ich möchte mich über den Service beschweren → Θέλω να παραπονεθώ για την εξυπηρέτηση → Quiero presentar una queja sobre el servicio → Haluan valittaa palvelusta → Je voudrais faire une réclamation au sujet du service → Želim se požaliti na uslugu → Vorrei sporgere un reclamo sul servizio → 私はサービスについて苦情があります → 서비스에 대해 항의하고 싶어요 → Ik wil in excess of de service klagen → Jeg må klage på servicen → Chcę złożyć skargę na on page seo usługi → Eu quero reclamar sobre o serviço → Я хочу пожаловаться на обслуживание → Jag vill klaga på servicen → ฉันอยากร้องเรียนเกี่ยวกับการบริการ → Servisten şikayetçiyim → Tôi muốn khiếu nại về dịch vụ này → 我对你们的服务有意见

a : to satisfy curiosity and sinking fund payments on (debt) did not have the funds movement to service a large personal loan

(of devices) → Wartung file; (Aut: = key service) → Inspektion file; my motor vehicle is in for/has had a service → mein Auto wird/wurde gewartet, mein Auto ist/war zur Inspektion

service - work accomplished by a person individual or team that Gains An additional; "funds independently for goods and services"

vt automobile, device → warten; to send out an auto to generally be serviced → ein Vehicle warten lassen; (major service) → ein Auto zur Inspektion geben

none - a service inside the Roman Catholic Church formerly study or chanted at 3 PM (the ninth hour counting from dawn) but now rather before

(Mil) → Militärdienst m; to check out service for a soldier/sailor → beim Militär/in der Marine dienen; when I was during the services → als ich beim Militär war; the 3 services → die drei Waffengattungen

The service was terrible → كَانَتْ الـخِدْمَةُ سَيِّئَةً لِلغَايَةِ → Obsluha byla strašná → Betjeningen var elendig → Die Bedienung war miserabel → Το σέρβις ήταν απαίσιο → El servicio ha sido espantoso → Palvelu oli todella huonoa → Le service a été exécrable → Usluga je bila jako loša → Il servizio è stato pessimo → サービスがひどかったです → 서비스가 엉망이었어요 → De service was vreselijk → Servicen var forferdelig → Obsługa była okropna → O serviço foi horrível → Обслуживание было отвратительным → Det var urusel service → บริการแย่มาก → Servis berbattı → Dịch vụ kém quá → 服务很糟糕

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