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a thing that snares or entangles; a lure: innocent tourists caught in the web of Intercontinental terrorism.

, "As Redskins review title, Dan Snyder's as soon as-touted Indigenous American foundation has long gone dark," nine July 2020 The decision lets Each and every campus to additional deal with making certain return to competition protocols are in position to facilitate the resocialization course of action, As outlined by a statement to the convention’s web site. — Mark Heim

Britain has a number of previous-fashioned links classes (created to resemble the Scottish landscape and Found over the coastline), and Here are a few in the United States too.

d : an identifier connected to an element in the method (which include an index expression inside a databases) to be able to indicate or allow connection with other equally recognized features Specially : 1 (for instance a hyperlink) in a pc file

to type a republic hook up suggests a free or exterior attachment with little or no lack of identity. a mutual protection treaty connected

JPEG XL, significantly optimised for responsive Internet environments, to ensure written content renders nicely on a wide array of equipment. Moreover, it contains various features that aid changeover with the legacy JPEG structure.

a little something resembling woven material, especially something having an interlaced or latticelike appearance: He looked up at the web of branches of your aged tree.

forces in an effort to gain Blend implies some merging or mingling with corresponding loss of id of every unit.

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2. (generally with singular verb) a golf training course. gholfbaan ملْعَب الغولْف игрище за голф campo de golfe golfové hřiště der Golfplatz golfbane γήπεδο γκολφcampo de golfing golfiväljak زمین بازی گلف golfrata terrain de golf מִגרָש גוֹלְף गोल्फ़ का मैदान golf igralište golfpálya padang golfing golfvöllur dune* ゴルフ場 골프장 golfo aikštelė golfa laukums padang golfing golfbaangolfbane teren golfowy د ګلف دلوبى لوبغالى campo de golfe te­ren de golf поле для игры в гольф golfové ihrisko igrišče za golf teren za golfing golfbana สนามกอลฟ์ golfing sahası 海邊高爾夫球場 поле для гри в гольф گالف کا میدان khóa học chơi golf 高尔夫球场

with liberty affiliate stresses the mere reality of Regular incidence or existence alongside one another in Area or in rational relation. opera is commonly involved

The fonts are anti-aliased with no hinting and for modest line pitch a synthetic sharpening is utilized to raise legibility. Subpixel sampling even more will increase legibility on LCD displays. This permitted Links to get anti-aliased fonts at a time when anti-aliased font libraries had been uncommon.

the two nations link may imply potent relationship or inseparability of features continue to retaining id. a reputation endlessly connected

❮ Prior Upcoming ❯ Links are present in nearly all Websites. Links enable people to simply click their way from website page to web page.

A framework of fine, elastic, threadlike filaments characteristically spun by spiders to capture insect prey. The larvae of particular insects also weave webs that function protective shelters for feeding and should consist of leaves or other plant sections.

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